The excellent rabbit hutch library enriches lincoln Village.

A mother who wanted to share her love of reading transformed an old rabbit hutch into a well-known library that houses hundreds of books.
Penny Wilkinson from Nettleham set up The Library Hutch near the end of her driveway on Scothern Road. It’s been a massive hit with the villagers.

The cabinet was originally a neglected piece of furniture that had been left behind. It has since been painted and fitted with windows and decorated with fairy lights. Now it is a rich library, with over 300 books for children and adults.
Penny stated that she is passionate about reading and has never seen anyone do it with a rabbit house. It’s beautiful.

“I want everyone else to enjoy the books that I’ve read. I want them all to love them as much I do. But I also have books that I wouldn’t usually read.

“I want people to read and talk.

“It would be nice for every village to have a library hutch!”
Penny claimed that she got the idea for this project from Pinterest after watching people transform telephone boxes into libraries.

“I wanted it when we were locked down last year, but I wasn’t sure anyone would want to touch them.

She said, “It’s been in the back of my head since then.”

Penny built her collection using charity shops and has been generously given many kinds of donations.

Anyone can use the Library Hutch at no cost. You can also take a book with you, and not have to leave it.

Each book has a Library Hutch sticker at the back. There is also space at the front for readers to leave reviews.

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